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Like many of my colleagues, I started my business with a lawn mower and a few tools. This beginning occurred in the summer of 1978. The actual name, The Well-Tempered Gardener, was established in 1982. Though I started my business doing mostly garden maintenance, I quickly realized that my talents as a musician (classically trained as a composer under the direction of Elliot Weisgarber and Jean Coulthard) transferred quite naturally over to landscape design and installation.

The Well-Tempered Gardener alludes to the famous preludes and fugues of J.S. Bach (Das Wohltemperirtes Klavier, or the Well-Tempered Clavichord, ca 1722.) My philosophy as a designer is to create form in gardens as one would create form in a piece of music, through an eclectic approach and through an innovative juxtaposition of styles, using plants, water, and stone. I see my work in terms of "horticultural counterpoint," and I take pride in this unusual harmonization of composing and gardening.

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