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A brief discussion of the development of this garden, changing an expanse of sloping lawn, sparse plantings, and shallow concrete pond into a natural, native woodland stream might give you some inspiration, and some insight into the scope of projects I can help you with.

An upper and lower pond, connect by a stream through natural woodland, replace a lawn and sparse plantings.

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A view toward the house

A view down toward the house and patio.

 spacer the water emerges from a naturalist source.

The stream source looks natural.

A long view of the streambed toward the upper pond

The stream, toward the upper pond.

   Natural plantings in the water enhance the full effect.

Plantings in the stream provide detail.

 The pond extends under the patio for better integration.

The pond extends beneath the patio.

  A single red maple provides a beautiful focal point.

A red maple provides a focal point.

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